How to change the valves in a two handle faucet

How to change the valves in a two-handle faucet?

With recent innovations in design and technology, the faucet market has a lot to offer. To meet a variety of consumers' needs, faucets come in a wide range of styles, colors, and finishes.

The faucets are of four different types:

  • Ball Faucet (Single Handle)
  • Disc Faucet (Single Handle)
  • Cartridge Faucet (Single or double handle)
  • Compression Faucet (Double handle)

Two- Handle Faucet:

This type of faucet comes with two handles. One of these handles is for hot water while the other is for cold water and they are on either side of the spout. These faucets are usually found more in the traditional bathroom fittings, however with latest trends in the industry these two-handle faucets are more widely used in recent times.

Advantages of Two-handle Faucets:

  • Water flows in a more controlled speed and the temperature is easily adjusted.
  • A compatible handle enhances the appearance of the faucet without having to alter the actual plumbing.

Drawbacks of a two-handle Faucet:

  • It is the most convenient type of faucet when your Hands are dirty and you have to keep twisting different knobs to get the right temperature water.

Although most of the faucets are made with high quality material, they might also require repair or replacement service from time to time. With the detailed instruction manuals offered by the manufacturers, changing new valves in a two-handle faucet is no more a big deal.

replacing bathroom faucet

Changing The Valves

There are different types of two-handle faucets available and changing the valves in those models has slightly variations from each other. Generally to change the valve, one has to follow the below steps:

  • First turn off the water flow to your faucet and remove the handle, by removing the screw under the lever. Usually there is a plug button over a screw to remove the handle.
  • Once you have removed the handle, the top of the valve can be seen. Then remove the adaptor over the stem of the faucet, which can later be used after installing a new valve.
  • Next you have to loosen the valve by turning it anticlockwise using a suitable socket wrench.
  • After you remove the old valve, install the new valve by tightening it by turning it clockwise.
  • Then you can reassemble the parts back to their original positions.

That’s it. You are done. It is always a good practice to check for any leakage before reassembling the faucet after installing the new valve. Also remember to run the water for a few minutes to clear wreckage from the new parts. The aerator also has to be given a check and has to be cleaned before installation. If needed, the aerator has to be replaced in order to maintain your faucet.

Although replacing bathroom faucet or placing a faucet can be done easily with the help of manufacturer’s manuals, it is vital to follow proper maintenance mechanisms to avoid such repairs and replacements. It is also equally important to know and understand how to replace a faucet to help yourself in times of emergencies.


Natural Solution To Get Baby Soft Skin

Tomatoes are a simple cooking ingredient but that work really well in creating some effective results in our daily life.   Currently, most of the people are being talked about the beauty secrets of tomato in the social media. With tomato you can make face packs to get free from sun burns, obviously, it is the natural way of treating darkness and other skin issues. Now most of the beauty conscious people utilizing its cosmetic benefits, especially it is the god’s gift that cures large pores or reduces acne.

 Surprising Facts About Tomato:

Natural Solution To Get Baby Soft Skin

It revives the glow on dull skin, and it is highly beneficial in many homemade beauty treatments. Tomatoes are not only the cooking ingredient it keeps your skin healthy. Tomato is the rich source of “lycopene”; it is one of the most important antioxidants that   help to get healthy and glowing skin. Obviously you can get a young glow without taking any beauty treatments or whiting treatment.  In addition anti-aging properties of tomato also fight against cellular damage as well as it reduces reddening of the skin by the way it make you look younger.

The experts also recommended taking up to 16 milligrams of lycopene per day to get free from free radicals.  It is highly suggested for the people who are used to sitting in air-conditioned environments. To restore your beauty and health you no need to spend your hard-earned money on any expensive cosmetic treatments. You just use tomato on your skin directly to get a healthy-looking skin. Tomatoes also good to eat and great to clean, it makes wonders on different types of skin.

Naturally, tomato have oil-reducing agent along with this you can feel moisturizing effect while using tomato face mask. You can use mashed tomatoes with any combination they also rich in vitamin E, A and C. now you can get glowing skin within fifteen minutes by using tomato face packs, or you can directly apply tomato juice on your skin with cotton balls that gives a nice feel to your skin cells. Of course, you can get smooth and glowing skin without wasting your money.


What Are Various Fashion Tips For Office Wear

While the majority of people are climbing the business ladder, it prevails to see them fail with their clothing. With the stressful way of life we live, it ends up being hard to focus on what we are wearing and whether it truly fits atthe scene or not. Here is an article that will assist you with office style dos and don'ts.

The way you spruce up in the office identifies how individuals at the office view you as a professional. Business, no doubt, holds the right to carry out a particular sort of dress code. Nevertheless, they presume that you are aware of suitable and improper office wear. As a staff member, you ought to acquaint yourself with style ideas for office wear. Let's be sincere; not everybody is serious about our work environment outfit. This article familiarizes you with some pointers for office wear.

What Are Various Fashion Tips For Office Wear

Smart Casuals

When most employees felt that official business clothes did not match the environment they were working in, the idea of wise casuals progressed. It was not strictly needed to use official business clothing for the kind of work they were performing, for that reason; they embraced wise casuals, which were comfier and less limiting. They are more efficient when workers are comfy in their clothes. The smart casual idea keeps the office conventions of dressing and at the same time the convenience element is looked after. Smart casuals can consist of short sleeve t-shirts without any tie, or sweatshirt or golf shirt for men, whereas women can use traditional pants, skirts, and blouses, and a cardigan or jumper can change coats.

Formal Business Attire

In spite of altering style patterns, official business wear is still the most highlighted clothes in work environments. This type of more official method is compulsory in locations like banks, courts, or business offices, because, in locations like these, your clothing promotes the work you perform in the office.